Who is this offer adressed to?
It is adressed to all those people who are looking for an alternative kind of holiday not traditional - those who are fond of nature and wish to enjoy it with our wonderful friends the horses.

Which are the characteristics of participants?
All people who want to take part to the trekkings should have a certain experience with horses (not only inside the paddock of a manège)and should have a good spirit of adaptability and adventure in order to face with calm all the difficulties that will occur.

Which are the difficulties?
The main difficulty is phisical in the sense that the riding tours are phisically tiring. The weather is another difficulty : we usually don't stop because of some rain or if it's cold. The toilet is often in the open air. At least but not last we always have to put the needs of the horses before ours.

What is more important: the experience with horses or the spirit of adaptability and adventure?
They are both very important but we are persuaded that people who have a good spirit of adventure and adaptability will be able to enjoy this kind of untraditional holiday (rather than the contrary)

Which territories are we going to discover?
Our small manège is located in the "heart" of a region called Montefeltro, which is well known for its history and art. We'll always be leaving from here and reach the Apennines of Central Italy, those mountains that divide the region Marche from Tuscany, Umbria and Romagna. Not so many inhabitants live in this area and it will be great to ride on the silent paths of a still uncontaminated nature.

In which period of the year do the trekkings take place?
From spring time to autumn our horses and guides are always ready to lead you in this adventure! In summer one difficulty is represented by the high temperatures (but consider that we are riding towards the mountains which have an average altitude of 1500m o.s.l.); in spring and autumn we might have some rain. If you are a group of 5/6 persons, please contact us and we'll be glad to ride with you all; if you are less than 5 people, contact us so that we can tell you if there are some other trekkings you can join with.

What kind of clothes shall I wear?
Clothes to wear are exactly the same that we use when we do a trekking on foot. There are only a few differences: trousers usually jeans MUST BE LONG shoes can be either "trekking shoes" (they shouldn't be too big because you have to put them into the stirrup) or the "western boots". It is also very important to wear "spats" because you avoid to rub the horse and to come in contact with its sweat. It is also necessary to have rain clothes: a jacket, trousers and a hat ( we suggest a sailor hat).

What shall I put in my pack-saddle?
1) in one pack-saddle that we'll give you, you have to put a heavy pull-over, rain clothes, some clothes for a change, middle-season gloves, personal papers, mobile phone.
2) in a small bag that you will give the guides, you have to put the sleeping bag, towels, clothes for another change and the front torch.
What is the price?
The price is 125,00 euro per day. The price includes: guided tour, horse, horse-stuff, insurance, tent supply, breakfast, dinner and sandwiches for lunch time.
And if I want to interrupt the tour before the end?
Those who want to interrupt the tour before the end, have to pay (except for heavy illness causes) 50% of the remaining days

Why should I do this kind of holiday?
Because there's a period in your life where you are no more pleased by a traditional holiday and you are looking for ..something else. We use to say something "more". Of course, this kind of experience is not for everybody: surely not for those who like confort, who don't like getting their hands dirty, who think only to themselves and not to the group or to the horse; but this trekking is surely for those who love discovering step by step a territory, those who have a spirit of group and adventure, those who love to get lost in the slow rhythm of nature and in the harmony that only nature can preserve!

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a grande richista ritorna il Nuovo Trekking dei Sibillini

Un Viaggio di 7 Giorni per Vivere una Avventura Unica.

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Rosy 31-10-2023
Abbiamo partecipato al trekking easy, stupenda esperienza, grazie a Valentina, Roberto, Camilla e Michele che ci hanno accompagnato in quest'avventura , con cavalli dolcissimi e ben preparat . . .
Elisabetta 27-07-2023
Partecipato al trekk dei Fiumi. Esperienza indescrivibile a parole: bisogna viverla. Dal bagno in fiume al percorrere un crinale, dai boschi ombreggiati alle tracce esposte, dal cenare in . . .
Eviss 6-06-2023
Sono una assidua frequentatrice del maneggio e due giorni fa ho partecipato ad una 2 giorni alle pendici di Monte Nerone. Siamo passati in posti di una bellezza infinita attraversando fiumi, . . .
Eleonora 6-06-2023
Appena tornati dal trekking del Montiego 3 e 4 di Giugno! Per la prima volta in esclusiva abbiamo intrapreso con lo splendido branco del Cà maddalena la Balza Rosa! La cosa bella di . . .

🆕 Planning 2024 🆕

...in arrivo il programma per la nuova stagione

a grande richista ritorna il Nuovo Trekking dei Sibillini

Un Viaggio di 7 Giorni per Vivere una Avventura Unica.
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